A to Z of our services

A A-frame roof construction. Ant infestations removed. Apartments refurbished. Attics converted.
B Bathrooms renovated. Bedrooms decorated. Buildings constructed and repaired. Bungalows renovated.
C Ceilings repaired and installed. Cellars converted. Chimney sweeping. Cockroaches removed. Conservatories built. Conversions undertaken. Cottages renovated.
D Decking constructed. Decorating undertaken. Dining and drawing rooms refurbished. Door hanging. Drylining.
E Electrical work. Estate development and maintenance.
F Fascia boarding renewed. Fencing erected or repaired. Fireplaces opened up and cleaned. Flat-pack furniture constructed. Flats renovated. Flood damage repaired. Flooring and floorboards installed.
G Garages constructed or converted. Garden buildings constructed. Garden maintenance. Grave and ground maintenance. Guttering fitted, maintained and cleared.
H Halls and hallways decorated. Heritage buildings renovated and maintained, salvage plans developed. Houses renovated.
I Infestations eradicated. Insulation fitted.
J Joinery undertaken. Joist renovation and installation.
K Kitchens fitted.
L Lawn cutting and maintenance. Living rooms renovated. Loft conversions.
M Maisonettes to mansions renovated. Mice removed. Modernisation of properties.
N Noise reduction insulation.
O Office fitting and conversions.
P Panelling. Papering. Pest control. Plastering. Plumbing. Ponds created.
Q Quirky or quaint fixtures and fittings sourced and installed from quality reclamation and architectural salvage yards.
R Reclaimed materials used in eco-friendly projects. Rats controlled. Roofing and re-roofing undertaken.
S Salvage plans drawn up. Sash windows repaired. Sitting rooms and studies refurbished. Stained glass windows repaired and fitted. Stairways and staircases built or renovated.
T Tongue and groove cladding and flooring.
U Undercoating. Unique decorative finishes. Underfloor heating.
V Varnished finishes. Vermin, vipers and voles removed.
W Wasp nests removed. Water features installed. Windows repaired or fitted.
X Xysts restored, built or laid.
Y Yards constructed or cleared.
Z Zeitgeist to Zen – renovations and redecoration to suit your spirit!